I’ll explain later

i dont really know where to start so here’s what’s going on and i’ll explain fuller later -currently unemployed and hating it -time running out on my housing – no future prospects -feeling defeated by my lack of progress made on guitar – haven’t seen anyone i care about in weeks. haven’t been able to […]

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filming is hard…?

hey hi how are you,  josh here.  I recently went to the hospital for some pain but I came home shortly afterwards,  to my dismay because i had really been hoping for some answers and solutions but instead i was just told to come back “when” (if) it gets worse.  so thats shitty i also […]

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How and Why I interact Online

The world is becoming an increasingly smaller place due in part to the internet (and climate change)  While rising tides aren’t all that interesting of a subject for most,  the global spectrum of Internet users is rapidly growing at a pace only best described here as “Viral”. Myself,  I use the internet at a blazing […]

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