i said excuse me you’re some kinda guy i mean my my my you’re lookin’ like a guy i mean you’re such a guy and i’m lovin you guy

i recently came across a tweet that inspired this title and now i’m expanding on it with this audio track.  have a listen! its what i uploaded it for.    Fair warning its loud   open at your own risk   anyway thanks for reading!  and listening!!

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I recently tweeted at the local public transit authority because i’m sick and tired of being treated like an “other” when it comes to how i pay for my bus and light-rail service.  the government deducts a small amount of money every month from my disability income (my only reliable source of income) and for […]

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an ode to a dog

i miss every shot i take gretzky has that great quote about missing the ones you don’t take and maybe thats true but buddy i’m just sitting here missing you and i don’t know what to do but cry over being the one who outlasted us two and i never got to say goodbye,  but […]

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Pedal Board: Update

I decided to use wood rather than buying a metal one. I think it looks pretty cool I dont currently have enough cable to use the wah yet tho. As you can see it’s not plugged into the signal path. It’s 32inches wide and 16 inches deep. I wanna put a looper and some sort […]

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Loosing a family member.

Rusty Warneke passed at the age of 13 in his sleep last night. He was a beloved member of our family and will be sorely missed. He was well loved and lived a full life. He developed a cough in his last few months and there was a night I took him for a walk […]

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On nicotine addiction

I’ve smoked too many to count by now, cigarettes that is. Seen every warning label the government puts out there, and it hasnt stopped me from continuing, until this month. this month something changed this month i became someone i despised. this month I lavishly spent my money on smokes. this month I felt sick […]

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Planning for a pedal board

Okay I can’t keep it under wraps much longer. I’m putting all my pedals on a board and it’s really exciting. I had to choose the largest board in production (for the average consumer) but I’m used to that being the case. People on twitter keep sharing these cute tiny boards but mine is massive […]

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