Josh’s tweets of the day

Welcome!  thanks for showing intrest in my tweets! Today i’m doing strictly origionals,  Cause I said so thats why,  no other reason TBQH! people tweet so actually famous people like me will @ reply them right? — actuallyfamoosejosh (@constantlyjosh) November 22, 2015 I only have one option of Bar — actuallyfamoosejosh (@constantlyjosh) November 22, 2015 […]

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How to award Favstar Awards

Find your tweet,  this may be more difficult than you think,  but once you’ve found it,  copy the URL of the tweet into your clipboard. for today I’m going to be awarding this tweet Happy hour is just story time, where my friends tell me everything I did when I was drunk. — Crystal kay […]

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World Record Breaking Podcast

sorry,  that subject line is misleading sorta,  but I thought i’d grab your attention cause you probably receive a ton of emails and i wanted mine to be the first one you read when you opened the gmail.   I was diagnosed with psychosis a year and a half ago,  after calling 911 on myself. […]

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Worlds Longest Podcast

SO the title says it all,  I’m gonna try and record a podcast thats about 50 hours long.  Why?  To raise awareness for psychosis,  an illness near and dear to my heart. I’ve got some plans for things to do during those 50 hours but thats for me to know and you to find out. […]

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Questions in the new age

Are Rt’s a form of Cyberbullying? Do fav’s indicate endorsement? @constantlyjosh I don't think favs mean "I agree" just that you in some way like the tweet — Potentate Hottentot (@GreeGreeHoist) June 25, 2015 Is everything too interconnected? What if you have a stalker? What even is stalking anymore? If its public,  is it fair […]

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