The idea that there could be or could not be  I feel a dual causality in my life and the fact that life is still happening in the way its been going for the same ammount of time that I’ve been around to see it.  It goes the way it goes to preserve and not […]

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Guitar rig Wishlist

If you’ve known me long enough you know I love playing guitar. Many of my recordings have been uploaded to soundcloud and YouTube,  and it is a great way for me to deal with hard times when my brain makes it next to impossible to do anything at all, and when I’m feeling really good. […]

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A journey in dimensions 

I was thinking deeply about the concept of dimensions. We’re all familiar with the dorky 3D glasses in cinemas and homes,  but our lives involve interactions with various dimensions every day and we don’t really pay much attention to it. Most of our activities involve moving within a 3D space much like this cube  We’re […]

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Country Explains, “We Just Haven’t Planned An Appropriate Event For Marijuana Legalization”

It’s sold to friends,  strangers and family members Federally,  but there remains no legal way to approach pot sales.  With minuscule risks to the population many wonder why a leafy green grown from our own basic soil is restricted by our elected officials but new reports from inside the offices of those who propose laws […]

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How to play Solitaire 

How to play the perfect game of solitaire  You’re gonna wanna start with a random shuffle of cards, this is important because the game is considerably less fun if they’re already arranged from Ace to King and separated by suit.  Once you’ve got a deck that’s arranged in the desired order you’re going to have […]

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