Wild ride

Well. It took some time to get here, But here I am now. Last update I was looking for housing, but I haven’t updated you since then. I moved in almost 15 days ago now. How the time flies. It’s a really great home in one of the most beautiful areas in all of Vancouver. […]

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Writing a novel

I’m writing a new novel. About 30 days in so far and I figured I’d write an update about it. It’s going really well so far. I haven’t been this inspired to write in a long time. Usually I get up early in the morning and crank out a paragraph or two each day. This […]

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I’ll explain later

i dont really know where to start so here’s what’s going on and i’ll explain fuller later -currently unemployed and hating it -time running out on my housing – no future prospects -feeling defeated by my lack of progress made on guitar – haven’t seen anyone i care about in weeks. haven’t been able to […]

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