On likes

Recently the biggest discussion surrounding social media has been the like function. For the uninitiated a like is when you interact with a piece of content without sharing that content. Imagine likes as a digital tipping of the hat as you pass by someone on the street. Nobody but the two of you know it […]

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Where is Your home on the web?

We are all too Familiar with the crisis that is finding housing in this current climate, but how often do you think about where your digital home(s) are? The initial thought is to solidify yourself in some social media platform that has a good reputation. What’s the harm? A quick google search shows sites that […]

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Wild ride

Well. It took some time to get here, But here I am now. Last update I was looking for housing, but I haven’t updated you since then. I moved in almost 15 days ago now. How the time flies. It’s a really great home in one of the most beautiful areas in all of Vancouver. […]

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