i really like you (my audience)  and i really would like you to be more up to date on my goings on   It’s May Day here in Canada which means everyone who works full time gets a day off,  and those of us like me who live with a constant mental struggle its just […]

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My Morning coffee

[shared apartment,  basic design,  no frills]   Jeff:  Do we have milk?   Bea:  powdered,  in the cupboard Jeff:  nevermind then Bea:  its really not so bad Jeff: its worse than last night *catchphrase bell rings* Bea: You really shouldn’t do that Jeff:  what? Bea:  You always ring that dang bell whenever you think you’re […]

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The ones among us; part 1

The ones among usA tale of two spirits lost following love Eric was a kind soul who danced alongside many spirits who had various degrees of acceptance with his presence. Some conjured up his essence at bedroom parties and others he followed for as long as he desired to experience humanity still after death. That’s […]

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Sweat Equity

at first it was for fun,  once i finally got over my fear of grass being too pointy. I’d wake up and feel the need to   Sometime during my adolecence it faded away,  traded for the finer things like composing songs and comprising bands of artisans. I’d wake up and feel the need to […]

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