The Trouble With…

When i get free time I just shut down and participate poorly in the ongoing collective conversation that comprised completely in my own mind, its so hard to co-exist with this constant critique of every matter of my situation. They break down every choice, each step, every decision and tear them to pieces or build […]

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Random acts of…

I’ve been trying to (not begrudgedly ) do random acts of niceness that extend beyond myself. I suppose this is another attempt at that as I am currently adding to my website as a means of letting in others to how I feel and how I have been receiving stimulus lately. From cooking for others […]

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taking a break

if you havent noticed,  i’ve been quite quiet as of late on social media this has to do with some personal issues that are detailed below hiatus of a friendship (over a month since we’ve seen each-other) change of religion (Christianity is cool) super busy with a new toy (HUION drawing tablet) during my time […]

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The key is consistency

I was 12 or 13. The year, early 2000’s. We had experienced the doomsday sayers and their predictions of an apocalyptic future where computers (some of which held the keys to nucular weapons and energy sources) would malfunction at the changing of the decade and the 2000’th year would fry all technology rendering it useless […]

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Chronicling the pandemic Part 2

Lonely days they’re starting to blur into one Lonely nights I fear this apocalypse has just begun I’ve been spending most days indoors at home Saw my family from a safe distance recently i’m growing really tired of doing nothing all day i feel bad for so many people who’s lives have ended due to […]

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