Hello this is your delivery driver Joshua…

I’ve been getting used to saying the title phrase more and more lately, as I embark on the journey that is Delivery Food Driving. I’ve watched some interesting YouTube videos on the subject but I wanted to shed some light on my own personal experience.

I like to accept orders for things people would be excited to receive

I love it when the end of my shift is close to home

I’m way happier with my current thermal bag, the old one was a hammie-down that was all too civilian and frail, this new one pronounces me as a business man, and commands respect. Everyone loves it.

I’ve almost never not seen my customer at drop-off, I most usually make sure to see them before I leave the residence. Most people so far have enjoyed to see I put so much care into their delivery.

I wish the app would prompt the customer more to tip more after it arrives, the way its set up you assign a tip to your order when you order it, so if the driver does an exceptional job in delivery its like locked in, your tip. I think there should be a button to add an additional tip if desired

I like working, its a calm I can’t really describe, its just me and the map and the food, and the bag and the bike.

Overall, if you’re hungry, there’s an app for that.

P.S. Other drivers can often get frustrated with restaurant staff, but i try to stay as calm in these situations as possible as to not look bad.

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