What In The World Has Joshua Been Up To?

With my limited time here I aim to bring you up to speed on my goings on for the past little while since I took a break of sorts.

School- I detailed my due dates (one project every 3 months for the next year) and input my previous electives into a startup assignment my teacher set up. Still got to Introduce myself to the class, define some terms and get 100% on two quizzes.

Work- I Interviewed twice at one local shop but had no luck landing the job. A huge disappointment. Applied yesterday to a more general job in the Govt. Liquor stores in my field of recreational cannabis sales.

Play- I could spend hours each week playing music, and often get lost in the rhythm of creating new songs and practicing old ones. I also love getting on my skateboard and going out for a cruise. I still cannot do tricks but i can go very fast (even when it gets a touch wobbly)

I was also baptized a christian a few weeks ago. this was a culmination of a lifelong journey of love.

Pandemic is still a thing. Likely will be for awhile. No end in sight

it was my birthday this week. We made a delicious cheesecake and I got a Capture Card, so that i can stream xbox and switch games to my friends online.

thanks for reading! I’ll be sure to update again soon.


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