taking a break

if you havent noticed,  i’ve been quite quiet as of late on social media

this has to do with some personal issues that are detailed below

  • hiatus of a friendship (over a month since we’ve seen each-other)
  • change of religion (Christianity is cool)
  • super busy with a new toy (HUION drawing tablet)

during my time off i’ve been looking for jobs,  searching for scholarships for september (oh yeah i’m going back to school to finish my GED) and dealing with my mental health.

its been hard being alone without many friends to visit or come see me. My friend from kindergarten and onward came out last week today to visit which was nice and i have a coffee date with a friend today around 3pm.  trying to get back into the swing of friendships but its so hard!  I miss my friend who i’m taking a break from,  but i know it’ll be good later,  so i’m trying my best not to annoy them now into breaking it off.

I’ve finished the Alpha course through Zoom with my parents church.  felt good to complete something.  I attended every week and it was transformative.

my new tablet is so fun!  i’ve been creating tons of cool images josh at the beach5hrs

this one took me 5 hours to complete.


anyway thats what i’ve been up to


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