The key is consistency

I was 12 or 13. The year, early 2000’s. We had experienced the doomsday sayers and their predictions of an apocalyptic future where computers (some of which held the keys to nucular weapons and energy sources) would malfunction at the changing of the decade and the 2000’th year would fry all technology rendering it useless which at the time was quite a big idea because I had just found my love for video games and those were computers too! I remember the countdown with bittersweet excitement to see what this new millennium would bring. Death and destruction? Fortune and opportunity? It was all on the table up for grabs. The key is on the edge

That was my first experience with something like this. A global widespread threat to the way things were. I think of coming out of this time (during corona virus) to be a great moment in self reflection and deliberation over everything and how it’s done. Do I wanna continue my relationships in the way I was conducting them before the news of the deadly virus came in. Footloose and fancy free. The key is so close you can taste it.

Someone wisely said during a live stream I was watching “do we want the normal we had?” When things go back to normal. What a crazy notion. This will happen forever and again if we continue our global trade the way that we do, conducting business in such a way that every country is so interconnected and socially we tend to (atleast I know I do) embrace travel as something to be admired. We love to check out the posts of far away places from near friends and neighbours. “They went where!? That’s so cool I gotta spend an afternoon with them hearing all about it when they get back.” The key is too big to grasp fully alone.

The reality is so scary. I tend to find myself running from it as fast and hard as I can. Rushing into drugs and alcohol to ease the wound dug by carelessness. That’s how I see it. Arrogance and apathy. The perfect storm of a beautiful day with no one to spend it with and plus you’re showered, clean, and looking pretty, and to top it all off we’re all extra everything because nobody has given us good touch in months. the key is filthy and cursed that those who touch it spread filth.

The key takes us all, and is only as strong as it’s weakest member.

The key is love for each other.

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