Chronicling the Pandemic

Currently everything is so current

everything seems to have to address the current situation

i feel like the surfer dude in this interview


“You pull in,  you just get spit right out of em’  “You drop in and just smack the lip”

“So pitted”


riding on for dear life in the safety of my own home.  waiting for the pandemic to end.


It seems so silly rn tho,  like everyone and everyone you will know will have gone through this at some point in their lives and everyone they know will have too,  its nuts to think about the ramifications of everyday life during this and afterwards.

I wanna invest in the stock market but i also have this knawing urge to not bother putting much more than a couple hours into researching what i’m buying and i get bored and look away into other stuff that might actually help me gain and gate my influence,  at times like these sometimes getting things like chest harnesses for go-pro’s is more potentially beneficial than having your money squared away behind a processing fee.

As of today,  nobody in my home or neighbourhood even have contracted the virus which is a very privileged postion to be in om march 28th 2020.  I truly and honestly know what to be doing to ovoid catching/spreading the disease but its hard to be completely isolated from everyone at all times and i miss being able to just “come over”

I feel for my family who’s vacation’s have been postponed,  i feel its worth mentioning how far reaching these times are.  They would’ve been at some section of amusment parks today,  ancient cities in europe or on the beaches of florida and thats all been changed because the virus spreads into every sector,  every industry,  every creed, race, religion and layer of social order known to mankind.

Dogs have no idea whats going on right now

I felt sympathetic to those who will never know what life is like post-corona-19 for no reason other than it was a thought i had during a lot of time to think about the status of the world right now.

dogs are just like,  ”  we love how home you are right now”

and also like ” can we go to a dog park please can we see the other friends”  but we cant do that dogs now cant we because suddenly the PM is on tv and youtube every day telling us to get the heck indoors or he’ll lock us all down real good with every last cent in his spending allocations for military protection and keep us all indoors all the time no matter what for any reason.  [Note:  that last paragraph was just for fun he doesnt actually say that]


All in All things could be way worse.  my city is being very safe about the whole thing and i’m feeling good overall that soon enough there will be a time beyond the virus and it’ll be interesting to see what it will  loooooook like,  I think everyone will be way more interconnected digitally than ever and the infrastructure necessary to run things where people are getting together physically in tight quarters will be harder than ever and more expensive to operate.  Its like the world leveled up a notch in terms of safety and cleanliness,  we just have to wait and see which ones and in what ways they’ll turn the tides into a still young 2020 when we really think of it.



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