Peer Pressure in Posting Perfectly

Today i noticed my instagram had a distinctly interesting quality to it, I had 3 posts since the beginning of the year and they were all of my plate of food.

A lot has happened since the year began but interestingly enough I had only chosen 3 specific meals to share with the world in two months of 2020. Some would chalk it up to the nature of my personal struggles (RE: my most recent post about my physical health) or simply because the site is silly, but I believe there’s something deeper going on there.

I think i don’t simply speak for myself when i say that there’s an element of peer pressure baked into social media to always have the most current, dramatic, or idealistic lives lived in the lenses of the posts shared online. It warps our view of reality and effects some of us negatively when it comes to what we value and what we strive to live for.

I’m not sure what it means for me, wether I’ll continue to only share my plate every few weeks or if writing this will help me discern when the best times to share moments are, But the main takeaway I’d say so far is that the pressure to post perfectly is very real currently and in such a high stakes environment i think its important to take a moment and really think about how to best exemplify your one life you’ve been given and not to let the status quo decide what moments you share with the world.

Just something to think over, i could go on about this topic much longer so maybe a part 2 will be forethcoming who knows anyways thanks for reading!!!

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