I recently tweeted at the local public transit authority because i’m sick and tired of being treated like an “other” when it comes to how i pay for my bus and light-rail service.  the government deducts a small amount of money every month from my disability income (my only reliable source of income) and for this privilege i can go from kitselano to chilliwalk and back again in 6 hours at no extra cost.  a life saver for someone like me who has family all over the valley and surrounding areas of the lower mainland.  especially as the holidays are fast approaching and time with family is at a premium.  I tweeted these tweets as a way of explaining the issue to the powers that be and help them understand that someone in a position such as mine,  fully able bodied but with many mental health issues,  i get at least one awkward glance when i enter the bus, but whats worse is i often take extra time out of my day,  avoiding the  public transit’s faster option and walking or skateboarding to my destination instead,  espichally if im feeling extra tired and dont want to deal with the hassle of “acting down” my illness to appease the general public.

TLDR: I hate flashing my red card on the bus and admitting to strangers that my brain chemistry is severely off the norm.

disabled peoples get different colour bus passes. I have no visible signs of my issues and flashing a red card on @TransLink always gets me awkward stares. is there a reason we have to be different than literally any other passenger? whos business is it if im nerotypical or not

he only argument i see is “the driver needs to be aware of their passengers” but maybe we could use tech to tell the driver when a disabled person enters the bus rather than showing off to every passenger that i live with a debilitating silent illness

surely i’m not the only one who is able bodied, with mental afflictions who literally cringes every time i’m in need of translink services. anyone who knows me knows my struggle and this is an unnecessarily huge part of it

and they make it red, the most eye catching colour available. its so awkward and annoying and I’ll often walk to my destination rather than taking the bus that i pay for out of my monthly allowance. Please do something. thx



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