an ode to a dog

i miss every shot i take

gretzky has that great quote about missing the ones you don’t take

and maybe thats true

but buddy i’m just sitting here missing you

and i don’t know what to do

but cry over being the one who outlasted us two

and i never got to say goodbye,  but it was easier this way

anyway i just wanted to acknowledge our love for each other

and say that if i could have it back i would do it all again

because loving with you

oh loving with you

well loving with you

was just the pinnacle of having something to do.

and now i just don’t know where to go

why to love again

when losing you

was one of the hardest things i had to

one phone call

thats all

thats when i knew

that there was something

that would take me by the reins

an hour and a half later

to find you

lying in bed with no motion or life

the hardest thing i had to do

was burrying you

in my mind

from what i once knew

a life with you

know as from ashes to ashes

dust to dust

but your ripple quaked

it burst us and it breaked

and i don’t wanna be there again

to see it all go down

like the yoke on a plane broken from damage sent hurtling to the ground

I miss you dearly

i want nothing but the best for wherever next you be

i loved you intensely

i held you dearly

now i’m left reeling

I thought i couldn’t but i moved on

feet shuffling on the coil of mortality

worked a job and i liked it

but now that i’m alone

time just burns away

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