Loosing a family member.

Rusty Warneke passed at the age of 13 in his sleep last night. He was a beloved member of our family and will be sorely missed. He was well loved and lived a full life. He developed a cough in his last few months and there was a night I took him for a walk wherein he refused to go any further from home. As soon as we stepped into the house he collapsed on the floor and wouldn’t budge until I took him into my arms.

We adopted him into our family when he was 3 months old, greeted at the door by his mother who was also a multise-poodle. His two sisters were remarkably loud and he was very happy to come home with us. I knew as soon as he cuddled into my arms that he was the dog of our dreams. We went to a Tim Hortons after meeting him and decided on a name. Rusty.

Rusty was a great protector. His bark more furious than his bite. Always curious to meet our home’s guests. Everyone who walked by knew him as the tiny barker who wouldn’t give up on letting you know he knew you were there for twice or three times the length of the property. For this the community will miss him.

I’ll remember him most as the smart puppy who always knew when to give space and when to be cuddly depending on people’s moods. I was the only one he would let do the very daunting and precarious task of trimming the hair around his eyes so he could see. He wouldn’t sit still enough for everyone else (maybe because they didn’t give him enough treats).

I loved Rusty so much. It’s been a tearful day reflecting on his life and his love for us.

I know he’ll be berating wherever he is now with his loud bark, protecting wherever it is he calls home and just generally being an adorable fluff ball of love.

Rusty, today you were sorely missed. We went to a Tim’s after dropping you off for the last time at the vet and many tears were shed. We miss you, and I hope you get to eat as many Swedish berries, Doritos and kibble you want up there. I’m so glad you got to grace us with your life and love.

I don’t wanna end this, so suffice to say, you’ll be in my thoughts always and I’ll never forget you


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