its been awhile…

HI! some updates on my life.  I quit cigarettes almost 3 months ago now.  (  its been a hard journey but probably one of the most worthwhile things i’ve done in years.  i switched to vaping which i find way more suitable to my budget and for my body.  I don’t have those periods of time where i cant get out of bed due to nicotine withdrawal.

I’ve been applying for jobs at a pretty steady pace.  i actually intend on searching for some more after i’m done writing this.  I’m in a much better place than i was 6 months ago to achieve my dreams and conquer success

i have a meeting with my doctor in a couple more days and we’re gonna talk about my various medications.  I’m hoping we can reduce my roster of meds a little bit while still adressing the issues i have concerning being insane.  my pupils are constantly dilated and it would be nice to have them be a bit less noticeable.


i’m temped to not send this blog post but i figure maybe its just my depression.  IDK.

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