Planning for a pedal board

Okay I can’t keep it under wraps much longer. I’m putting all my pedals on a board and it’s really exciting. I had to choose the largest board in production (for the average consumer) but I’m used to that being the case. People on twitter keep sharing these cute tiny boards but mine is massive have a look.

I basically only have room for 1 more thing with everything included. It’s pretty nuts. I also need various sizes of patch cable to send the signal’s the basic view of the pedal line
signal path on Novo32 lined

please sound off in the comments or reply to it on whatever social you found it on if you know anything about doing this properly, i feel like i’ve watched every youtube tutorial so far but eager to learn more!


signal path on Novo32 lined+powered
so i’ve made a new decision on the board. its power supply will be placed ontop inorder to maxamize the reachability of the board effectively. it does mean that i will loose the ability to place expression pedals on the board itself, (But part of me is happy because they’re a hassle to use when you’re needing them, and can simply be a plug away, not needing any power to operate. then when i power the tuner(1/6) i will also unlock up to 7 additional AC power supplies which i will use to power all of the, gain, EQ, wah, Chorus, Tube Screamer, and Distortion, i dont see a need to have any other solution for those effects, then the second slot on the power (2/6) will go to the RT-20 (3/6) Marshall Shredmaster (4/6) Line 6 DL4 (5/6) Empty (6/6)

9VDC (3) – 100mA
=boss tu-3
=Marshall Shredmaster
9/12VDC – 400mA -Line 6 DL4
18VDC – 100mA


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