On likes

Recently the biggest discussion surrounding social media has been the like function. For the uninitiated a like is when you interact with a piece of content without sharing that content. Imagine likes as a digital tipping of the hat as you pass by someone on the street. Nobody but the two of you know it happened but people nearby could see it happen if they were in the right place at the right time. Today, in Canada, Instagram (one of the largest photo sharing apps) removed the numerical count of likes on posts publicly in favour of showing you the people who you follow that liked said photo on your home page. This is a polarizing change for the platform and one that other sites such as twitter have applauded. Instead of seeing how “popular” a post is site wide, it’s now providing you with accurate information about how your friends, acquaintances and celebrities of choice are using the platform and what they’re doing there.

Personally I don’t care either way. I was fine with the numerical system and during day 1 of the rollout I’ve not missed knowing how large people’s audiences are. I’m really glad they kept the function for me to know who is viewing and enjoying my content from a creator side, but as a viewer I don’t really notice a difference. If anything it promotes quality over quantity which is something I’ve always said is more important.

I’ve got more to say about likes, including my experience receiving my 500th like on an individual tweet but I’ll share that some other day.

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