Where is Your home on the web?

We are all too Familiar with the crisis that is finding housing in this current climate, but how often do you think about where your digital home(s) are? The initial thought is to solidify yourself in some social media platform that has a good reputation. What’s the harm? A quick google search shows sites that tell you whether or not your favourite feed is up (active) or down (unreachable). Why are these sites necessary ? Because currently creators are opting to go with the flow and find their audience where their eyes are, as opposed to directing people to their digital home. Think of social media as renting hosting. You pay no fee for them to show your content to your followers, but you have no control of key features of a website. Things as simple as re-designs of the site, changes to how the algorithm (which is held under wraps for only the most VIP of the provider to know) and other things such as ad support and revenue.

Think of creating your own site as buying digital real-estate. The domain is registered under your name and physical address and only you (and/or the people you authorize) can edit the way your site looks and feels.

I highly suggest content creators to have a home where they can bring their audience. I can help you do that (if you’re so inclined) but there are many others who provide similar services.


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