How to: Support my Latest project

I recently (minutes ago) created a Patreon account for my latest passion project: Heavic.  Its a graphic novel following the 5 siblings that inhabit 1 of 4 moons that orbit a volcanic planet.  its really cool,  the best place to read/talk about it is the discord group ( where we update the #lore #art and many other channels frequently.  The Patreon is new to us and we’ll be trying out new things there soon.  but for now all you need to know is that if you are financially able to support us (me, Casey and Bev) in our pursuit of publishing a graphic novel,  now you have a place to do it.  Thanks in advance for your consideration and i hope to see you on either the discord or the Patreon or both soon.

Become a Patron! 


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