filming is hard…?

hey hi how are you,  josh here.  I recently went to the hospital for some pain but I came home shortly afterwards,  to my dismay because i had really been hoping for some answers and solutions but instead i was just told to come back “when” (if) it gets worse.  so thats shitty

i also felt bad today because my youtube channel has seen very little activity in the now gone year of 2018 and i’m considering the possibility of only posting one or two videos in 2019.  my computer cant really handle editing and exporting video and so my time gets less documented and shared than before when i was making like,  more than daily videos there.  its something i would do more of if my computer was newer but because of the way things are its just not conducive to my current hardware.   i also have so much difficulty finding a good angle to film in because my room is messy and it just is a hard time for all of it.

i dont seem to enjoy nearly anything i actually enjoy doing.  not sure what thats all about,  i’d rather just eat and sleep and do nothing.

on that note,  nap time

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