How and Why I interact Online

The world is becoming an increasingly smaller place due in part to the internet (and climate change)  While rising tides aren’t all that interesting of a subject for most,  the global spectrum of Internet users is rapidly growing at a pace only best described here as “Viral”.

Myself,  I use the internet at a blazing amount.  You’ve probably seen a social media post of mine,  wether it be this site or that,  they all funnel back to the essence of me,  wether it be a like,  comment or post.  I’ve sent over 70,000 tweets at a rate of over 10,000 a year,  my facebook profile is an ever-growing compendium of photos of me and my instagram is a more curated look into my daily life.

Most days i spend my time sitting at my desk,  playing whatever video game entertains me at the moment,  with an extension of twitter called TweetDeck auto-scrolling the latest posts from those who i follow.  I love this life and I’ve been doing it for years now,  i often joke to my friends who come over and see the endless scroll of thoughts and opinions as “command Central”  or being apart of “the matrix”  from that series of movies which (controversially) i really liked and still enjoy watching.  I only found out that people didn’t like the movies because of the internet.

Changes,  as they always do on the internet,  offend and worry users of the platform.  Today’s debacle is the idea that twitter would remove their like button (included is the tweet from the official twitter account for the service explaining their most recent ideas)…s/status/1056913093471670273 

as you can probably see in the comments of that tweet,  various users issued complaints about things from as far as racism,  sexism and general poor behaviour from its users.  and i understand from a corporate stand-point the team at twitter feels it necessary to make it look like they’re going to attempt to make positive change in areas the user-base identifies as problematic.

Personally I love the like function on twitter dot com.  I appreciate it when someone shows they personally identify with the thought or opinion i post.  I’ve had my struggles wishing the numbers were higher,  sure,  but to remove the option when we’ve had it for so long (long enough for me to have liked over 80 thousand tweets)  seems ridiculous.  I’m  of the opinion that you sign up for their site knowing and agreeing to their practices but also acknowledge that they have every right to decide anything they’d like for the service.  That is one of the main reasons behind my use of my own personal website,  because i can decide how it operates.

to end,  I love the ability to reach my fans and friends via the internet.  if that means i move away from twitter,  so be it,  but if anyone employed by said company is reading this post,  just know that i would be starchily against removing functions in the name of “Healthy Conversation”.  Limit users,  incentivize the reporting of abusive behaviour,  change policy if you have to but please don’t take the site we love and turn it into a padded cell where our thoughts are “protected”  by artificial barriers,  rather help us reach our audience of like-minded and trusted individuals from your platform that we’ve worked so hard as users to cultivate.  we all opened our accounts with 0 followers,  and those who stuck with us should be rewarded not punished or redirected.

and to the other sites that cater to social interaction,  be on the watch.  the industry always follows each-other,  just look at how Snapchat had a popular “stories”  mode where users could send their posts to the site to be viewed for a limited period and then vanish,  and now the big 3 all have this feature somewhere in the UPI.

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