October is a particularly hard month for me for a number of reasons but they’re mostly all asinine.

Lots of cool things happen this month.  The summer is over and the autumn leaves change (the green ones stay green thankfully)  and everyone anticipates the big day at the end of the month when everyone desecrates the flesh of a locally grown gourd,  carefully and dutifully grown by local merchants.  Vacant buildings that were once just that,  vacant buildings now for one month of the 12,  become superstores for the super cultural icons and passing phrases of the time to be adorned and thrown away after copious amounts of photography and parading through the night to every home in the reasonably distant area.

I usually just sit at home,  write a scary story to celebrate the day (Hallowe’en)  and go to bed to find leftovers and goodies (loot) that the family members who celebrate the day more traditionally don’t want to eat (no need to buzz-market companies who don’t pay me).  the scary story usually sucks and i sometimes delete it later but its a fun yearly exercise none the less.

I really detest the tradition of lighting fireworks.  its not fun for anyone  and i really wish people just wouldn’t but i don’t get the say on these sorts of things its mostly like,  people enjoy doing it (i hope)  and everyone around them has to suffer the jolt of noises in their day they have to decide to ignore because it just so happens to be that certain time of the month.  I dont get it,  but thats the way it is and its working,  but i’d really like to stand in the way of the issue and be like,  “hey everyone lets not”  and maybe that’ll impact something but likely nothing

its also just like a time of year that has historically for myself been bad months.  a lot of grief and drama and hard work.

that said,  its not all bad.  i enjoy life and being alive.  Thats nice.


anyway i’ll report back when i know more about how this one goes.  Its hard but what good things aren’t.  other than avocados.

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