My Morning coffee

[shared apartment,  basic design,  no frills]


Jeff:  Do we have milk?


Bea:  powdered,  in the cupboard

Jeff:  nevermind then

Bea:  its really not so bad

Jeff: its worse than last night

*catchphrase bell rings*

Bea: You really shouldn’t do that

Jeff:  what?

Bea:  You always ring that dang bell whenever you think you’re being funny

Jeff:  it was kinda funny

Bea:  not as funny as last night

*catchphrase bell rings*

See thats how you do it

Jeff:  *pouts to off screen*

Bea:  some things never change


Cut to Commercial


Bea:  you really should slow down on those,  they dont grow on trees

Jeff:  I dont even know how to respond to that

Bea: we bought those instead of milk this week.

Jeff:  *deep exhale of cigarette*

Bea:  Thanks,  now i have to shower before work again this morning

Jeff:  oh by the way i need the car today

Bea:  and you’re telling me this now?

Jeff:  Yeah,  something came up,  sorry B

Bea:  If the lease wasnt up for another 6 months i’d leave your ass so fast

Jeff:  oh would you now?  *continues smoking*

Bea:  you’d be ruined

Jeff:  For your Information,  i need the car to go apply for jobs

Bea:  *laughs*

Jeff:  just you wait,  we’ll be a proper family with 3 jobs,  1 car and a sorry excuse for an apartment!

Bea:  I need change for the bus

Jeff:  *motions to the couch*

Bea:  Jeff,  seriously

*cut to commercial*

[interior,  bagel shop]

Jeff:  Availability?  Basically 7AM to 9PM everyday

Bagel Shop owner:  *scribbles down on a small piece of paper*


Bea:  *singing*  “telegraph,  telegraph your love to me” X3

“thats what i need”

{The Pointer Sisters 1983 – Break Out}  (probably cant get the rights to that song so i’d probably have to come to a compromise but you get the idea)

[interior,  Car Dealership]

Suit(placeholder): any experience with sales?

Jeff:  One time I sold a baseball card and got twice the market value for it!

Suit:  *facepalms*

[outdoors,  bus stop]

*bea gets splashed from a puddle as the bus arrives*


*cheesy image of the  sun setting and the moon rising* Harmonica,  washboard and single string bass line plays as the transition happens.


Bea:  so,  what did you do today?

Jeff:  Wouldnt you like to know

Bea:  Hence me asking you how it went

Jeff:  a guy in a suit facepalmed at me

Bea:  well thats progress

Jeff:  how so

Bea:  one more no is another no closer to a yes.

Jeff:  just like last night

*catchphrase bell rings*

Bea:   you just burned yourself

Jeff:  *clearly on fire from a misplaced ciggy*  what?  no

Bea:  STOP

Jeff:  B…

Bea: Drop

Jeff:  what are you…

Bea: ROLL!!!

Jeff *notices his sweater engulfed in flame* Oh-*catchphrase bell rings*



thank you for reading my really rough draft of a spec script,  this is my first time trying to write for TV so I’m a little bit novice [but in a good way (i think)]


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