The ones among us; part 1

The ones among usA tale of two spirits lost following love
Eric was a kind soul who danced alongside many spirits who had various degrees of acceptance with his presence. Some conjured up his essence at bedroom parties and others he followed for as long as he desired to experience humanity still after death. That’s the tricky thing about Eric, he can’t remember why he died, he suddenly became ripped from his body and could no longer function inside it, but was able to move freely unseen and unheard for the most part. 
“Following” is a common practice for most spirits, they’re told to bring blessings, good luck and special healing powers by some and told to be rambunctious tricksters by others.   
Eric was following a particularly interesting individual whom he had never known before his life changed to whatever kind of existence he was living now. He would stay not too far behind, watching others interact and ignore this person Eric had grown semi-fond of. Watching the world unfold and unravel at the same pace but from a separate realm of existence. Eric sometimes wondered if he should ovoid others completely, become a wandering ghost with no real aim or destination. Sure you could spend your time looking at geographical wonders, stare at cliffs valleys and the like, even go underwater if you like, its not like you need air anymore. But Eric decided not by theory but by action in watching people go about their days and study them as a scientist would, testing and recording and concluding on certain subjects. Never enjoying spending time with others like him who congregate in secret untold areas that only those who know know, but he had been following people and seen others like him who would follow people or be in the same general areas as people. An Eternity can be a real long time when you’re spending it revolving around our sun. Eric had found himself in a nightclub, and a particularly busy one at that. There is where he met the spirit that he would call love for the rest of his existence. She came into the room with a few friends, not quite sure what to expect. Following her was one of the most gorgeous souls Eric had ever seen. The light around her sparkled and glew in ways he never thought possible living or otherwise.  
They danced and embraced, then separated to dance with others only to come back to each other. The harder they tried to ignore it the greater the connection grew and they both knew this would be a long night 

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