Here and now VS then and there

Oh the times we’d get high numbers and high days of highes

Days and contextualizations that made sense to click fav on topof

getting them and adding to them,  a never-ending wealth of at least not nothing

numbers they surely were but not ones valued by the current ecology

back when i could see the potential glances

even if they didn’t nescissarly read what was written

or read far too deeply,  each one a sting that it wasn’t for them

the idea that this was more personal to me than to any of them

the ecology resisted it,  they would do anything for it not to matter

but i trusted my gut and it said not to hold it back

posting after posting

words said after words read,  glad to not be dead when work is all done and nothing left but parts of you remain

I’m glad to have had those times

and I’m glad i get to have them potentially again

I just feel like now

there’s some lacking,  as if i’ve gone stale,  as if these tweets and posts aren’t exactly enough

but i can’t quite strike that match

I don’t think this is the end

I just think I’m gonna need something bigger than this current output in-order to capture the audience I know I’m capable of entertaining.

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