The Horse Messenger

Anna Kendrick survives the apocalypse

Anna finds a horse that she names George after all the power-grids and everything has collapsed

She rides the horse to nearby camps of semi-waring camps to send mostly letters back and forth and does so with greater skill than most because she is very fast on a horse

George is a beautiful horse that was abandoned by its owner and its really sad that people would just leave such a beautiful creature to die just because civilization has crumbled

Anna Kendrick does not want to join these camps and settle down but there is a boy

the boy is really cute and stuff but he asked Anna to find him pills that she can’t justify giving him so the boy is left to find them through other sources

When Anna finds out the boy joined a gang to get his pills she gets pissed off and rides the horse really fast and really far away

when George gets too tired she opens her satchel and takes the pills the boy wants out and feeds them to george to make him feel better

then Anna takes one too and there’s a scene where she’s dancing in a club like before the apocalypse and a bunch of people are there and she makes out with a girl to ovoid all the boys that are there looking at her like an investment property with high dividends.

Then Anna wakes up and its the boy from the camp but he’s shaking her awake and there’s a voice telling him to just get it over with.  The gang followed her and now George is being ridden around.  Anna whistles and george bucks off its rider and comes to her side and she leaps on and rides away from all the gang members and the boy but as she’s speeding off her handkerchief falls out into the wind and the boy grabs it,  and makes a face acknowledging how long of a walk back he has with these people

Anna then goes back to her hide-out and takes one sip of whiskey from the bar and then smashes all the glass bottles with a base-ball bat.

Glass goes everywhere but it doesn’t hit her because of reasons

Some dirty people get mad and suddenly Anna realizes her hide-out has been compromised so she runs to find George but some mad-man has already taken a shard of glass and is holding it to george’s throat all threatening-like and Anna lets out a scream and then someone comes up from behind her and then everything goes black

shots of Anna riding the horse George play as a sort of intermission while Anna is blacked out and its not obvious that we’re just filling time but we are so that people have the time they need to process her captivity

She wakes up in a dusty cell that once was a jail cell and a gruff dude makes some offhand remark about her finally being awake.  she purses her lips the way girls do when they’re upset and then she tries to get up and then suddenly falls back down and notices bandages on her legs

“those dudes you were with were pretty rough”  the gruff guy says

I’ll say.  Anna puts back her body into the leaning on the wall position she was placed in before she awoke

the gruff guy then extends a piece of beef jerky to Anna and she eats it and tries to hide a smile.  she looks happy despite the situation she’s in.

Anna asks about her horse calmly and then hears a whiny outside

The gruff dude makes a remark about how hard it was to calm that steed down

it turns out while she was gone the apocalypse kinda got better and power grids and stuff are back online

there’s no more violence in the streets and money is back to being the main currency and everyone has a job either re-constructing the world or running shops for people to spend their money on.

Anna looks down at her legs and reaches for her satchel with the pills in it

the gruff dude jumps and grabs her arm  “can’t let you do that sweetie”  he says

they’re mine,  she says but he doesn’t listen and takes her satchel away from her

“i’ve been wondering whats in here,  but its bad manners to steal from the unconscious”  the gruff guy says,  “we’re in here together,  lets learn a little more about each other”

Anna says nothing and struggles to get up and get her bag back

“look-y here,  we got ourselves an addict”  says the gruff dude

they’re for a friend,  Anna says blatantly

The gruff dude totally blows off the excuse and takes one of the pills

those aren’t cheap,  Anna retorts as he swallows it whole

How am i gonna get out of here?  Anna asks,  stuck in the cell still

the gruff guy looks at her and points to an open door

“its been open this whole time”

Anna gets up and screams out in pain but she stumbles towards the door despite the trauma to her legs and grabs the satchel and gets on the horse

She has no idea where she is but she keeps going in west with the hopes that she might see the boy again

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