Josh Reviews your best tweets: Professor Hinkley Edition

while someone with the clout of Prof.H  is widely known to be an irony account that simply posts content to get reactions out of others,  there are a few gems in the mix that stand out as truly prolific and game changing tweets.  They come in wide varieties and often get attention they deserve;  these are a few of those such tweets.


Taking a common troupe and making it his own,  rarely are there such quick witted posts that make you spend more than 5 seconds considering the humour of the post.  It’s posts like these that prove that twitter can be a place of genuinely open and intelligent discussion,  even amongst the widespread void of intelligence that seems to be sweeping the site.


Even people brand new to the idea of comedy would understand this concept,  unless of-coarse the lack of comedy in their life also lead to the lack of travel in their life which is entirely possible,  I, for instance have only flown 3 times in my life and so these jokes about pilots and such are kinda weird because I can’t really remember them ever coming on the speaker to say anything.  Maybe I just can’t remember it because it has been pulled from my memory like that part in Harry Potter where he takes the memories out of his brain and puts it in a little potion bottle.  Although Harry never did that, it was mostly Albus who did the memory bottling.  I  bet one day there’s gonna be a plane with like 1 button and it’ll just say “fly”  and then it’ll do all the hard parts of flying for you,  but until then this post is really relevant to pilots everywhere who would probably swear by the fact that there is indeed a lot of buttons at their helm.  I’d probably be a terrible pilot.  I wrote a joke in this similar format about dropping all the luggage into the grand canyon.  I can’t seem to find it,  so instead have a tweet from Fred Delicious in the similar style:


Branding is probably one of my least favourite things.  A company’s ubiquitousness with a product really annoys me and its why I rarely use the company name for something like say, Tissue Paper.  Everyone has been indoctrinated into this world where we use a product’s leading provider’s name instead of the product itself.  its annoying to me but everyone else seems to not care so I swim upstream against everyone in that area and its probably nothing worth writing such a big complaint about in this review but I also feel like its worth mentioning that companies really like advertising their products and when they can get it for free they’re less likely to pay content providers to advertise for them.  People who’ve read this blog extensively will be familiar with the idea that those of us trying to establish ourselves on this free site are having a hard time and its not made easier by the fact that a lot of what companies would like from us we’re giving away for free.  I’m not saying Travis didn’t get paid to write this tweet,  or that the company mentioned in it might contact him later to promote their products,  I’m just saying its very likely thats not the case.  its a funny tweet,  I’m just being a crotchety starving artist about it.


This one is similar to what we just read,  I think its funny enough to be a good tweet,  I’m just not exactly sure how it got onto this high up on his top tweets when I’ve seen so many other tweets from him that are 20X as clever and smart as this.  it probably hit the right DM rooms at the right time and maybe got exposure from big accounts with lots of active users following them at the time.  Its so hard to know without actually having been there to see it happen,  plus the site is much different now than it used to be,  and is probably different at the time of reading this than when i wrote it.  Its a weird place,  but it hosts our >140 character ideas for free so we can’t complain to heavily.


If this review isn’t any indication,  I’m a pretty big nerd and I’m fairly certain this is a hurtful attack at nerds and it should probably be deleted so that us nerds don’t attack.  We’re a very on-the-edge group of individuals who know how to survive off of very little sunlight and usually only go outside to check and make sure the apocalypse hasn’t happened yet because sometimes the internet makes it seem like the worst is upon us.


I.  Love.  this. tweet.  its totally got the style of being stylish and funny and does it super eloquently.  I’m so happy that it exists and it brightened up my already pretty good day.  if you don’t like this tweet we can fight about it in the comments.






Hey,  you forgot to add an ending to this tweet,  hey!




If the inbox is still rocking don’t come a knocking?  Right?  is that a thing?  The Asterisk tweets are some of the stranger ones on the site because they often require you to imagine a scenario without any context and usually provide no punchline,  but rather offer an idea of a time and place where something funny is happening.


Cops get a hard time on this site,  Ref:

but all that said,  nobody really cares enough to say they’re good or bad,  but they do provide an age-old idea of authority that is held by very few writers for the site.  IDK  its a hard topic to discuss without sounding like a loser,   I enjoy these formats I just don’t partake in contributing to them lightly which is probably due to some of the events in my own life where they were present.


I’m gonna end on this one:


I think this tweet is indicative of Travis’ wit and cleverness,  with its stark uniqueness and its quick hit,  its a tweet that proves jokes don’t have to be anything more than a few words in a precise and deliberate manner that work every time,  no matter the time or place they’re delivered in.


thanks so much for diving into the tweets of @Prof_hinkley with me,  I hope you were able to read along with me and hear my opinion,  form your own,  and decide wether or not you’d like to include his tweets in your life or not.  I’d highly recommend reading more of his work,  and I’m glad to consider him a friend online.  Please, now go and do something nice for someone who you enjoy the presence of in your life and thanks again for caring enough to read this far into a review of tweets.  Also if Fred is reading,  thanks for not being mad at me for using two of your tweets as reference material.  Ilu




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