I often forget how much everything isn’t counting on me I comfort myself with the idea that everything needs me, and that nothing matters if I’m not here.   I don’t know why, but the idea that I don’t influence anything makes me feel hopeless to the point of not doing anything. The glance on […]

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How to play the perfect game of solitaire  You’re gonna wanna start with a random shuffle of cards, this is important because the game is considerably less fun if they’re already arranged from Ace to King and separated by suit.  Once you’ve got a deck that’s arranged in the desired order you’re going to have […]

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So they soDo they do Say they say Say we too Hurt the few Hunt the species in view Worry not bout the unconditional  Taste the difference Quality makes us all want more More makes us do things we never did before I can’t make you love me But I can equip myself with the […]

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*after 4 years at patience meetings*”I’ll start us off” Oh thank you so much “We gather” Not this again “Here today” Booooring  “To witness” What’s gonna happen? “The matrimony” More like mattress moaning amirite “Of the dearly beloved” {snoring} “Josh and his tweets” Who what now? “May they forever be cool kind and loving” “And […]

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Guitar rig Wishlist

If you’ve known me long enough you know I love playing guitar. Many of my recordings have been uploaded to soundcloud and YouTube, ¬†and it is a great way for me to deal with hard times when my brain makes it next to impossible to do anything at all, and when I’m feeling really good. […]

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