Josh Reveiws your tweets, MurrayOncologyReport Edition

Back in the saddle and it feels weird I’m getting blisters and I’m fairly certain someone fed my horse weed grass.  Anyways,  this review is coming hot off a light twitter dispute last night,  or this morning (I can’t really remember which).


An impressive 2 awards greet you when you visit his Favstar page,  which is up for interpretation.  I can never stress enough that the thoughts and views expressed here are strictly my own and do not reflect on any organization,  party or confederate that choose to not adopt its values.  I can give you my everything in these reviews,  but I cannot speak for others or assert my opinion as the only opinion with validity.


the top of a favstar list is always something to behold,  they can often be hilarious,  illuminating or just silly but this one seems like a Malicious DDOS attack on his character to spread only the most derivative and basic of his tweets when so many of his collected work outshine this in every way other than numbers.  Its not a tweet I WOULDN’T hit like on,  its just confusing and suspicious that over 500 interactions took place on this one post while the remainder of his work see’s nerry a share



Pretty funny,  I’m glad this one got this much recognition as its rare to see an against-the-grain tweet get anything more than spat on.  I’ve written a couple jokes in this format,  and had one show up on my page 1 of my favstar list too,  so we have that in common.


this one seems the complete opposite of one of my favourite tweets that I can’t seem to find at the moment about a rap battle gone wrong.

which i just realized sounds like a scathing review but i actually really like the tweet,  its just not totally original but at this point i see tweets at the crosswalk so its not a new thing for someone like me who’s watched that feed scroll day in day out for years (since 2010).


I’m gonna end the review by saying that Murray is a really great dude who loves whole heartedly and knows to a T when to push,  when to pull,  and when to use silence to his advantage.  Please go follow his account,  if these three tweets grabbed your attention at all,  you’re in for a treat with this account.


Thanks everyone!


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