To Whom it may concern

To whomever it may professionally concern
Doctors notes
Oct.1 (no prescription, smoking half a pack of XL cigarettes a day and occasionally having alcohol and marijuana)
My mood can fluctuate from 1-9.5 in 45 minutes sometimes

Every rx medication I’ve been on made me loose my sense of self

I’m finally crying sometimes now

My happiness has been really good despite being extremely stressed

I remember what feeling suicidal felt like and I don’t feel like that anymore

Everything and anything can send me into a panic attack

I can hardly complete more than one task in a day

My memory seems impaired and heightened at the same time, and selective

I often go a really long time wide awake and then manage to pass out and feel rested when I wake up

People seemed concerned for me but I’ve never felt more hopeful in my life

I frequently loose track of time or are hyper aware of it
I know these things will pass in time but they seem new and I’m not sure if I should be concerned or not
Nov 4 2016

Day 3 of hospital stay

(4 daily meds at night {mood} + PRN’s for anxiety and sleep
Increased appetite

Headaches, especially behind the eyes

Reduced heart rate

Enamel pain

Skin yellowing

Increased precaution such as OCD and retracing steps, worrying things aren’t where I last put them even if they’ve been in my sight the whole time

Increased apathy for noises and lights

Less feeling in heart (love?)

Songs and movies seem highly poinient (hinting at a common belief) noticeably less muscle pain but the headache persists.
Even coffee gets me drunk

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