So they soDo they do

Say they say

Say we too

Hurt the few

Hunt the species in view

Worry not bout the unconditional 

Taste the difference

Quality makes us all want more

More makes us do things we never did before

I can’t make you love me

But I can equip myself with the currency

The stacks of greed

It’s not for passion when it’s all or nothing

It’s just you moving, pushing and keeping some for your need

Sure, we may be marginalized and few, far between

They’ll try to slow it down, the survival of we

Put restrictions on the way we chose to be

But they’re still bound to have reason and cause

An inch turns to a mile with those of the cloth

But we give them so little they’ve been starved

So they claw and cry to get a peice of us too

I see from their veiw 

One of them once too

But transcended from looking up to looking around

Seeing those of us toil the ground

And I got sick and tired of patterns emerging and left ignored

So stuck am I with them now

But I know better than to return

Who needs the accoladed when you’re the one who decides who to give the accolades to?

It’s not your history

You don’t write the news

I’m closer to being in the right than you ever knew

The power do you fear it? The ability to call you who you are with no regard

Nothing to lose from truth said

Everything to gain from thoughts in my head

Game the system? That’s what you accuse?

How hard have you worked to get your pie slice

How much did you wager on making the game work for you?  

I’ll go on and find another muse, but while your here let’s continue

The claims of my instability, the idea that I’m sick. It might be a worst day you’ve seen

But what if I had enough of my best days

The way I see it, you’ve got power over the hurt and impoverished, and you all but squander your influence. Mouldings with pills they told you would do the job for the ones you see in need, every case now bland to you, you’ve seen so many insane. They run down your chin as you devour their problems and feel it power the need to fix the world. It feeds the beast of your inner desire. To have influenced. 

I stood before you on many occasion, and told the same story, of feeling isolation. As you dismissed each one daily as crazy, stupid or misguided, the institution won in each instance for if it were to lose we’d have to make a drastic change. Where do we go when there is no home. How do I stay when we’re travelling, spinning, and spending time we can never get back. The pursuits of the one, versus the livelihood of so many, it’s a game rarely won, and less even talked about. 

You said, to be a writer is to have people enjoy my work enough to buy a compilation or two, while I contest that I’m a writer the minute I put pen to page. But you believe in the falling of the money to denounce the victor. 

I don’t want you

You don’t need me

There is nothing we would rather more than literally any other situation 

You listened not to the person, rather those around who have separate interests, who knows what those could be. You heard a cry of “help us with this” when the problems outlined were lies. I said so as soon as they were dished out, I made no attempt to stand for it. And they say “well you said a lot of things” or “it’s hard to understand you when you get like this” but i say words you understand, it’s just the ideas expressed that are troubling. It goes against your store bought knowledge. It exposes a flaw in the way things have and will forever be done. I never claimed to be in a perfect world, and I never tried to conform to its every facet. We do have issues, earthlings are always dying from things we chose not to prevent. So for you to say that an institution taught you the right way to handle every situation is unfortunately garbage I’m so sorry. They hold the power and they’ll teach their pupils in whatever way helps the highest up to keep it. 

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