Guitar rig Wishlist

If you’ve known me long enough you know I love playing guitar. Many of my recordings have been uploaded to soundcloud and YouTube,  and it is a great way for me to deal with hard times when my brain makes it next to impossible to do anything at all, and when I’m feeling really good. I’ve compiled a list of the equipment I need to reach my full potential in the strive for personal satisfaction and maybe someone will enjoy hearing me play too!  I’ll be crossing off things on the list when I purchase them or when they’re donated to me,  so check back often to insure you’re not gifting something I already have. I can probably use any extras but I won’t be asking for the specific item again unless it gets lost or stolen. The gear looks like this at the moment:
It works well but I’m restricted by its capabilities for various reasons. If you are able to donate something,  send me a direct message and when it arrives I’ll strike it from the list.
The items are as follows:

Rig wish-list
Brand new patch cables ($10 ea.) x10
2 more speakers (practice amps) (Roughly $75ea)

-Line 6 DL4 (Loop/Delay box) ($339 new)

(We might have to have a Y splitter on second outputs)

1 more expression pedal (specifically for a Boss RT-20)
3(+) way amp switch
Chain movement controller (Expensive)
Eq ($40-100)
bass amp (or update wiring in current amp)
Josh’s Squire wiring fix (Simple fix last time)

-leave it as original as possible


Pedal board
Second micro amp (MXR) for microphone
Potentially a new guitar with a better action

-3/4 acoustic ($500)


New strings,  Purple Dunlop thick gauge Electric
If you’re unable to help donate I would greatly appreciate sharing the blog post in case someone you know can help.
Thank you so much,   I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on the progress

P.S. for those of you who donate I will happily cover a song of their choosing or compose an original piece. Send your requests in the comment section below and I’ll read the ones that chose to help me upgrade my hobby.

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