An Adventure in Console Commands

I’ve been aware of Console Commands, (specifically to send and view tweets) for awhile now but I hadn’t thought it would ever be a part of my twitter  repertoire.  After some research I figured out how to get my mac to send tweets with just 10 keystrokes.

Not exactly the fastest possible way to get something out,  but the console has a wide variety of options that are unavailable everywhere else.  Sites that tracked your stats have almost all gone away due to lack of funding.  I specifically found the “Reach” stat helpful,  because it showed how many accounts your tweet was potentially seen by.

I’ve also noticed some oddities with the way twitter works on their site,  the console will occasionally display more retweets or likes.

my best guess is that a protected account liked it,  but i find it strange that the native site only shows interactions from people you have permission to see.


I’m still learning new commands,  i took some basic coding in highschool but its been like 7 years since then.   Luckily there are a large wealth of resources online with code you can copy and paste into your console.  I really like the one where you can randomly follow someone who follows you.  ( [for anyone interested, it’s:]t groupies | shuf | head -1 | xargs t follow)

I’m excited to open the can of worms that is bot tweeting,  but i think i wanna make a separate account.  I pride myself on hand writing everything i’ve tweeted.  I’ve put a lot of effort into my 59,594 posts (although that number is widely inflated due to retweets)

59,594 in roughly 5 years is a lot.

this new resource for tools and information is pretty exciting,  I’m looking forward to the many possibilities,  but I’ve got a lot more to learn if I really wanna get the most out of it.


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