How to play Solitaire 

How to play the perfect game of solitaire 
You’re gonna wanna start with a random shuffle of cards, this is important because the game is considerably less fun if they’re already arranged from Ace to King and separated by suit. 
Once you’ve got a deck that’s arranged in the desired order you’re going to have to stack cards of opposite colour in descending order. This can be difficult as there are often very few possible options for this technique. Don’t despair, the longer you go at this, an increased number of possible combinations arrive. 
The main goal is to find the 4 aces and place them above your deck. As you find the 2’s place those on top of the Aces of the same suit. 
There are two variations of rules, beginners to the game would benefit from playing the “draw one” style of gameplay where the cards are given individually to the player, making the possibility of stacking much greater. The second rule set is to “draw three” where your hand is limited and the card on top must be played before any other can be manipulated. 
Once you’ve stacked your cards in descending order and potentially found some of the aces you can begin to sort the deck back into its Un-shuffled nature. 
It is natural for crushing loneliness to envelop you while you play this game. There are few games as solitary as this. I would encourage you to embrace the nature of the game and use it to love yourself and become comfortable without the need of others to feel at peace. 
You will often find some cards are inaccessible because of a difficulty in finding a match for your deck. If this happens you will likely need to simply re-shuffle the deck and try again, there seems to be a large number of shuffles that are impossible to win with. This is normal and you should come to expect it. Even an experienced player will find certain shuffles to be insurmountable within a few moves. 
Remember that retracing your steps is occasionally a great way to salvage a seemingly impossible shuffle as there are often various possible moves that you might have missed on your first attempt. 
Good luck and happy solitaring!   

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