I think i maybe stopped that smell?

waking home i smelled a smell that was all too familiar so i changed some variables from the perceived source of the smell in question and I might’ve gotten the results i desired, (less stink from the smell of the additives in the natural emissions)  its not a perfect science as I have done very little control and even less analyzing,  but its not the worst and I think maybe if i stopped to hypothesize about the sensation in question I’m really not super worried about it coming back for a bit.  We’ll see.  I still need to walk home a few more times just to see if results are the same.  thanks,  sorry about it being awhile on here,  you know how it goes.  Little of this little of that and then I decide if i’m really up for everything or just to do the small things i can handle,  barriers recognized.  thanks for reading,  i hope all is well with you and yours,  enjoy today!  its the only today we’ve got until tomorrow.

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