Josh Reviews your best tweets Weird Twitter Doc Edition

Welcome back!  Its been awhile!  How have you been?

Today we have another exciting edition of JRYBT,  @WeirdTw_Doc!

They have a storied history on twitter,  amassing a followership of  over 7 thousand,  and promptly loosing almost all of them.  Thats weird twitter for you folks!  I’m still a firm believer in their aim to create a documentary for the silver screen centered around Weird Twitter.  If anyone can do it,  its them.  Without Further Ado…  Here’s their best tweets!


A great tweet showing their ability to find a form of wordplay that is used by many on twitter and other sites,  whilst sticking to their brand as it pertains to the documentary.  Expert use of the hashtag to promote the doc and prove to the world that they’re really doing this thing!  Good stuff


Good ol’ twitter jail.  With the added hilarity of the sex number.  Great tweet!


Personally,  I’m glad they understand the hilarity of the term “weird twitter”  anyone who’s read the buzzfeed article about weird twitter knows even the most popular users of the site who are proclaimed as “weird twitter” don’t love the name.  But its what we’ve been called so we roll with it in stride.

for this tweet to make sense you have to have read this tweet:

for it is a response to them following jomney.  Kudos to him for finding them in his busy days.  Its a great Rally between the two accounts.


I think this tweet was written with an aspect of tongue in cheek.  Why?  You ask.  Because I sent a DM to them promptly after they sent it asking if there was any way I could help with their pursuit and did not receive a response.  Maybe someone else got a response but from where I’m standing they didnt seem to have any intention of listening to the community.  Intention aside its a great tweet,  engagement is rarely an aspect i comment on in JRYBT so i wont on this tweet either.  I rarely mention it because its subject to change at any moment and I don’t believe a tweet is ever really “finished” engagement wise.  Some have higher shelf life than others but Vincent Van Gogh’s work never reached any sort of acclaim till much after his demise,  and now is one of the most famous and beloved painters in the world.   Anything is possible.


the first tweet on page one that we see to be “off-brand”  in that they aren’t directly telling the reader about the doc.  Its not a great tweet IMO,  but its a snapshot in the operators life,  of what he found funny enough to press send on at that time,  853 days after the time of writing this review.  They don’t claim to be the best writer on the site,  but they are attempting to drive up buzz for the doc and I can’t blame them for it.


a classic meme,  rarely is it seen done in this format,  and is un-repeatable now in its exact form unless you happen to have an apple device that you haven’t updated to the most recent software.   Another snapshot in history.


making a stand,  clarifying the intent of the doc.  Great!  I encourage this behaviour and am not alone in that!  Also I think they’re headed in the right direction with the doc,  they seem to have been thinking about this deeply and it excites me to see it come into fruition.


Great!  Encouraging discussion is awesome!  This is an important mindset to have whilst sharing on the internet,  and some people don’t share the sentiment.


Great to see them giving credit where its due!


A weird tweet,  what we signed up for by clicking on their favstar!  Its important to remember the views expressed in a tweet are not always that of the writer.  Wether he really wants to just be a dick or not is up for debate,  and i suppose its too soon to tell,  but a single tweet is IMO quite often not enough to base entire opinions of a person on.


It would take a lot of faith to believe they actually got ahold of Kanye,  but I’ll let you decide.  again a great use of the hashtag to create buzz around the doc.


for those un-aware papercatte is in love with a lot of twitter users.  infamous in the twitter community.  Another great snapshot of a time in twitter history!  Bravo!


904 days later and still no word of a kickstarter.   I’m not even aware of any producers.  Weird.  Some might call this a troll of a tweet,  I call it over-ambitious.  Again,  I really believe in this project,  and I wish it all the best.


Sage Advise that most won’t understand but if you’re in the in you know.  Its hilarious,  wether you have to take my word for it or nah.  The best part is its use of common Keyboard shortcuts.


this account is protected currently and I don’t have access to the beginning of the conversation,  but I can guess it was a rude beginning to a conversation.  I can’t comment on wether or not this response was warranted as I didn’t see the initial tweet.


for this tweet to be full you need to read:

the first (as I’m aware) instance of the full title of the doc.  I think SaddestTiger’s question is shared by many users of the site,  as it rarely is profitable for even the most successful accounts.  Again I’m excited to see this doc come into fruition.


Weirdness intensifies.  this was posted 902 days before review,  I wonder if they re-branded after this tweet  (if they had a different name associated to the account at the time) or what IDK.  I’ve often thought about sending twitter a picture of my toilet,  but never actually did.  I think most of us have at least thought about it.



Another weird tweet.

And thus ends another edition of JRYBT!  Please go and follow @WeirdTw_doc on twitter and whatever social media platform is available to show your excitement for this project and to receive updates on the road that lies ahead!  Thanks for reading this far down the blog post,  it means a lot to me that I can count on you to give some of your precious time to lil’ ol me and have a great time until you read me next!  Whenever that may be!



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