so there’s this theme lately that when bad things happen in the world,  People seem to think Comedy doesnt have a place anymore.  I think thats totally backwards.  I understand people having difficulty creating content during hard times.  Its not always natural for everyone to be funny when things get hard.  For myself,  I find its harder for me to create content when I have time restrictions.  If i need to produce something RIGHT NOW I usually wont even bother.  Not everyone finds the same things hard.  Some people are great at going outside and running,  where as I find that nearly impossible at my current state.  But I don’t find creating content while bad things are happening more difficult than when good things are happening,  or any situation inbetween.  I will extremely rarely make light of bad situations,  instead i choose to talk about something else.  Call it Distractionary if you like,  but I firmly beleive sometimes people need to hear a witty response to everyday life,  even when they’ve got other things on their mind.  I dont pretend things ARENT happening,  but I also dont let bad things done by a small group of people distract from my work.  This is MY website,  and so I can say whatever i want.  I don’t have a gatekeeper dictating what I can and cant say.  All this to say, if you dont see me reacting to events,  its not because I dont know or dont care,  I just believe we shouldnt give evil people the power to stop us for a SECOND!  I leave you now with the first video that came up when i searched WW2 Comedy on Youtube.  If at the time of you reading this,  it gets removed from the site let me know so I can put a diffrent WW2 comedy video up.  Thanks for reading!

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