review of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S05E21 Planet of the Turtleoids

the turtles have their quirks,  and they love pizza,  there seem to be purple wearing bad guys of some sort,  we haven’t really understood any of their motives yet, Shredder seems like a clumsy oof,  and they love pizza

We open on the turtles in the dead of night,  in disguises,  talking about their midnight munchies.   This is interesting to note for the viewer,  but they would’ve had to have bought extra large coats for their shells.

then the action gets going with some large naked man breaking into a pet store,  he then throws money around which shows his lack of motivation financially,  he’s not doing this for the cash,  and that makes him all the more dangerous.  The turtles better be prepared for a fight or they might not make it out with less than some spare change.  One of the turtles breaks the fourth wall when getting thrown into a pile of birds by saying,  “I thought this only happens in cartoons”  Which is very self aware of him and shows his true intelligence as a super-fighting hero.

The intruder electrocutes himself with a live wire,  and he turns into a hamster.  Mentioned is shredder and mutigen powers,  the crew ponder what life would’ve been like if they had stayed,  “Ordinary Turtles”  For the sake of the show i think its much more interesting that they can fight crime,  but thats just me.  

Shredder now shows himself on screen searching for a mutant,  unable to find him on the com link,  he talks about a powerful ray gun that needs to be charged,  obviously the land of the turtles is in trouble,  and hopefully they’ll be vigilent enough to stop whatever is about to happen before its too late!  One of shredders goons mentions,  “wanting to feed the rabbits”  which could be a shoutout to Of Mice and Men,  in which Lenny frequently mentions wanting to pet the rabbits and keep a farm.  I doubt the turtles are that well read tho.

Uplifting speech about how much good they’ve done

Having to hide in the sewers is bad,

the rootbeer float man seems like he’ll come back later in the episode,  he claims to know this town better than anyone but I doubt we’ll see him reporting the news very soon,  after all the current team is robust and strong,  like a well oiled machine,  ready for anything that might come their way.  

another mysterious creature emerges,  he looks like what the turtles were wearing,  but shorter,  and a smaller shell,  the man selling coats in this town must be blind,  which would make selling coats very difficult.  how would he know which coat he was selling?  what if one was more expensive than the other?  how could he tell?  would his sense of touch be up to snuff?  

Then Shredder and the gang round up some animals to be mutanized which he really should’ve asked them first if he could,  This Technology is very advanced and I thought a bigger team of scientists would be interested in viewing it take place,  but i suppose evil doesn’t like an audience in this scenario.  

suddenly some animals get mutated and start asking philisophical questions,  which is so typical of them hahahahahaha

after a brief conversation with shredder the animals decide to tear the place apart as opposed to helping him steal a ruby that he asked for

the turtles quickly learn about the shorter turtle who;s been in the city lately,  and question its legality,  but a disguise can’t be copywriten or it wouldn’t be a disguise at all because everyone would know the one guy who was allowed to be in the disguise.   so all I’m saying is it wouldn’t work.

one of the turtles says,  “Suddenly I’m feeling kinda lonely”  and i really sympathize with where he’s coming from.  you see all my young life i had people around me who supported me and helped me discover who i was,  and now i have next to nobody to talk to,  and i too get rather lonely.

Suddenly the turtles get whisked away onto a spaceship/skyscraper

we learn what a world without the turtles is as shredders goons abduct the news anchor april oneal ,  but if thats not enough,  theres a great big forcefield over the turteloid city that is very concerning.  Who might they be trying to keep out?  

All the sudden its like 2 new villains are introduced and i’m like whoa what the heck where did they come from?  its really quick.

Herman the horrible has weapons that look seriously dangerous. but the  force dome holds strong for now

Donatello uses the big bluff but the jig is up,  they get branded as liars and are sent to jail.

The opportunity arrises for the turtles to escape from jail and they take it with a move i used to perfect where they threw stuff into the roof,  i used to do it all the time with pencils in grade 5

The turtles enter the cave of herman the horrible and do the absolute dumbest thing,  they yell at a sleeping herman,   

donatello gets deep when he complains about having to wear a disguise despite being on a planet of turtles,  dramatic irony at its best.  I really love this show

Panic! at the force dome as the hooligan animals from before get inside the dome using a dastardly plan,  with some fake crystal

Sabotaging the weapons works for the turtles for now,  and herman is helpless

but suddenly the force dome turns off,  and the only one to blame is the two mutant animals from before

Herman shows his true horribleness when he states,  “Its more fun to hurt someone small and defenceless”  and his whole,  knocking buildings down thing,  that too.

Suddlenly the triumphant music comes on and herman the horrible is defeated by the ninja turtles!  The four bad guys are vanquished and the turtles are offered a ride back home.  

suddenly theres a technodrome and everyones like how the heck and why,  but they destroy it beacasue its bad.  

with some fancy footwork they manage to destroy shredders robot

atlas,  at home they flick on the television and watch a news anchor tell the audience that the next show is planet of the giant turtles and one of the turtles wisely says he’d rather read a book.

This episode was pretty great,  it had lots of villians and many surprises,  not that i can name any right now,  i think it shows true craftsmanship in story telling,  its a great adventure.

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