Josh Reviews your best tweets: ReticentTurnip Edition

Welcome,  we’ve got a special treat today,  I’ve known RT by a number of diffrent aliases for years now and It is my absolute pleasure to review his favstar today.  I hope you’ll join me in laughing along with some of RT’s best tweets,  they’re all fantastic and deserve everything and more than what he’s received.

so true.  this tweet makes me want to curl up into a ball and ovoid everything i said i was gonna do today,  including this review.  but I’ll forge ahead because these tweets are worth reading and writing about.

again,  its true.i love how quick this tweet is,  extremely clever

this tweet is huge,  it changes the game.  I see it all over the place all the time and its always a pleasure.  It conveys everything I ever thought.

Not RT’s best,  but still quite funny.  its one of those tweets that i could never imagine actually sending,  but i’m really glad it exists.


this is either a play on words that i dont understand or just a completely random tweet that got popular for some reason,  either way I’m kinda lost as to why it has so much attention.  90 people retweeted it at the time of writing this,  and i wish i knew why but sometimes you can never know.  its not a terrible tweet either,  i know im making it sound like it is but i quite like it,  just find it baffling and confusing more than anything

now here;s a good one.

girls everywhere are being melted down to their essence after reading this tweet.



atleast your kid will have a bunch of hillarious tweets to look back on

a stupendous tweet.  Hurrah!

i don’t like this one,  sorry RT,   its nothing personal,  i just don’t like your taste in movies.  plus getting arrested sucks

night twitter tweet at its finest.

because you shop at costco?  IDK  i’m confused.

i dont think it works like that RT

could you imagine if you actually had!?  how sad your tweets would’ve become.

ah yes,  the good old drive a car off a cliff format,  this one is exemplary for that  format,  although i still don’t think its my favourite kind of tweet to read.  its definitely worth doing,  but maybe in moderation.


i laughed,  which is saying something cause i’ve had a particularly hard day.

this has been,  Josh Reveiws your best tweets 🙂

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