Worlds Longest Podcast

SO the title says it all,  I’m gonna try and record a podcast thats about 50 hours long.  Why?  To raise awareness for psychosis,  an illness near and dear to my heart.

I’ve got some plans for things to do during those 50 hours but thats for me to know and you to find out.

What i need you to do is to be on the look out for my tweets during that time,  I’ve got alot to say,  but not 50 hours worth of things to say,  so I’ll need your help to keep things fresh and moving along smoothly.  I’ll be listening to your comments,  and I will have guests calling in.

The main goal is for us to have fun and make an event worth telling your friends about.  “remember that time that one guy beat a world record on twitter?”  it’s gonna be really cool.

I’m really hoping for this to be a momentous occasion, so please help me out!

you’ll be able to watch it live on YouTube,  so thats cool!

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