Josh Reviews Your Best Tweets: Colonel Trill Edition

Welcome one and all to whats guaranteed to be one of the trillest editions of JRYBT.  One of the coolest people on this website agreed to run his tweets through my careful,  pinpointed,  and watchful eyes.  CT has been on twitter for a very long time and I regard him as one of the best “glory day’s” tweeters.  Along with such names as Saddest Tiger, Dril and Horse_E_Books.  Great company to be in,  and while those don’t tweet often anymore CT keeps his game fresh and new,  his second most popular tweet is only ~40 days old!  I have the utmost respect for him and he’s been consistently able to send great tweets throughout my years of knowing him!  Here’s his best stuff.

This tweet is great.  It deserves all its accolades.  I love the use of line breaks,  there was once a time when everyone were sick and tired of line breaks but this tweet justifies the use of them.

I love how this tweet takes so long to get to the punch line.  I’m sure its close to the character limit if not fully reaching it,  and I love me a full tweet.  It often denounce’s (am i using that word right?) perfection. That said, this one speaks for itself.  An instant classic

I really like this tweet because i imagine it spoken in a hushed, hurried voice.

A great,  critically acclaimed tweet.  tweets like this,  the kind that make you think they’re gonna be terrible,  are really fun to read because they give an almost garunteed payoff.  My favourite part about it pokes fun at NASCAR fans.  CT is brilliant and silly and this tweet shows it.

this tweet is one that has a beginning and and end,  rare in most tweets seen these days.  Its self contained,  quick and very humorous.  It also has the accolade of the illusive Saddest Tiger whom we mentioned earlier and whom i speak for the community when i say we all miss dearly.  But back to the tweet.  its great.  NEXT

I don’t get it.  like its okay,  but i feel astho i’m missing sometihng.  sorry CT, absolutely nothing personal.

I like this tweet,  Its braggy,  and self deprecating all in one.   its also one of the most suprising reads on the site.  Perfectly  executed and hillarious.

and they said nobody has any good ideas on twitter.  This is perfect and amazing and great and so good.

a passable tweet,  it gets what it needs,  just some good old fashioned fun poking at a public figure head.  I don’t think anyone would say its fantastic,  but like i said,  its passable.  like that one kid who never really showed up to class that often but still hands in the homework occasionally and gets like %75 on the tests.  exactly like that

Very true.  Very True.  I wonder what the numbers are like for people who’ve died on the can.  I’m sure that stat is out there somewhere.

this tweet is shady,  those places always seemed shady to me,  maybe thats why it seems shady.  Carpets block out the light when you put them up against windows,  maybe thats why.

I had to give this one my tweet of the day trophy for 6-28.  Its really amazing and I love it to bits (is that still a saying?)  My parents never had “the talk” with me as a kid,  about fedoras or otherwise for that matter,  so its really funny to see this tweet,  also its just super on point.  theres not much more i can say about it other than it deserves to be read by everyone on the internet at some point.

another passable tweet.  Its great to see people you look up to write stuff that doesnt always hit the mark because it shows that we’re all human,  and everyone has diffrent taste.  I might not like it as much as some of his other stuff,  but other people do and its nice to see they could find a tweet they could relate to in some way.  I would still favourite it,  maybe not as soon as i read it,  but it’ll have my fav one day,  when i’m feeling sassy and I want CT to read it again.

such a good tweet.  I bet people have tried to say it before in more words but this is so perfectly done I don’t even feel worthy reveiwing it.  I really can’t beleive its not higher up on this list,  but thats fine,  I’ve never been a huge fan of the way numbers go on twitter anyway.

great tweet!  I must say i highly doubt it tho,  everyone’s pretty cemented at their follower count these days.

Great tweet.  please note to check CT’s wrists for diamonds

its really difficult to imagine a better tweet.  Try it,  try it right now,  think of something funnier.  You can’t can you.  Exactly.  this is hillarious and I love that it pokes fun at the type of person who does actually say #nohomo because those people are the worst.

Can’t Un-open that can of worms.  Here we go.  Weird twitter is just a name,  like any other noun its faulty and doesnt give a clear picture to whats really going on.  That said it is pretty weird when you get down to it.  I just think its pretty normal for people to want to get together and type out the best jokes they can,  and with the internet the way it is those jokes need to be pretty unique for anything to really get noticed,  hence weird twitter.  Normal twitter on the other hand is often weirder than weird twitter and should not be confused for basic tweets about breakfast.  I really hope we can all get along one  day.  it would be great for our numbers,  and they would have a blast laughing at well written jokes,  if they could only get past the weirdness of it all…

(also this is a good tweet,  i forgot to say that)

I don’t like this tweet.  Sorry CT,  its phrased all wonky and it uses a really over-done troupe.  it It also uses so many characters that I think are kinda unessisary.  its a good tweet,  but not a great joke overall, i’ve seen so much better from CT,  maybe I put him up on a higher standard than need be,   but i think we’re better off hoping for the best and celebrating those, than pretending like the worst stuff is good,  y’know?

we end this edition on a really trill tweet,  just as expected.  its got all kinds of user-ability and hillarity in this one.

Thus ends this edition of JRYBT,  which i just now realize sounds like the sound a frog makes and I’m totally into it.  Thanks for reading!

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