Josh Reveiws your best tweets: Dubstep4Dads Edition

I’m extremely excited to be able to bring you this next instalment of Josh Reviews your tweets.  This edition is brought to you by one of the most famous of my followers;  and one of the best writers on the twitter sphere.  you’re about to see why.  Eric is amazing.  Please show him some love by RT’n these jokes if you haven’t already.  DISCLAIMER:  I don’t claim to own these tweets,  they belong to Eric on his mighty throne.  If you steal these tweets I will personally shame you on my semi-popular social media website and everyone will look at you like that one kid in school who took his pants ALL the way off to pee at the urinal.  You don’t wanna be that guy.

An amazing burn on an artist i’ve never listened to.  this is what twitter is all about folks.  if you’re not happy with this tweet you might as well just leave.  unless you’re Iggy,  then its probably okay to have a few problems with it.

This tweet is some of the craziest shit.  I mean I’m sure we’re gonna see some more crazy shit as we delve deeper into his favstar,  but oh man.  I love how this tweet is.  its really great.  I don’t think anyone could out-tweet Eric with stuff like this.

I’m gonna have to say this for every tweet because its true,  but this is some amazing stuff.  I wish I could read more and more and more.  I love how the horse has a gun.  How would it operate a gun!?  it doesnt have fingers.  so silly.

A nice chill tweet to hang out with the rest of them.  I like how this tweet is at nobodies expense,  and its just so cool.  You don’t even need to know anything for it to land,  just straight up coolness and nothing else.  I would follow this tweet,  even if it was just an account that tweeted this tweet every couple of days,  i wouldn’t get tired of it or block it I’d just happily look at it every time it came up and be like,  Yeah,  thats a chill tweet.

This tweet made me laugh for a solid minute today.  I happily admit that.  I found it so funny I RT’d it right away,  and some of my friends thought it was funny and Fav’d it too.  that was probably the highlight of my day and for that I thank Eric so much,  so freaking much.

Sometimes i think this is exactly what my parents go through.  Sally has no buisness sense,  and I send free content out into the void all day long.  Those poor folk,  luckily they had 2 other kids or they would’ve had a tough time when they couldn’t work anymore.

Its hour 20,  i’ve been staring at this tweet for so long i’m starting to feel colours and see sounds.  If only there was a way to properly represent how much i love this tweet.  I keep trying,  but nothing compares.  Plz pray

GREAT I’m crying now,  thanks a lot.

Can we talk about how new this tweet is?  Like how does a tweet thats only ~40 days old have SO MANY FAVOURITES  its for good reason,  I’d hate to have to say that they were all wrong, its a hillarious tweet and deserves everything its got,  and more.  But like how?  I’ve just got small twitter accounts so I cant even imagine having a tweet this big.  Its really really funny.  My hat is off to Eric for being such a brilliant and resourceful tweeter.

This tweet is not great,  I’ll be honest.  The payoff just isnt worth it,  the most interesting part of the tweet is the Interveiwe’s rhyming ability and even that kinda falls flat.  Unless ofcoarse the boss is UNimpressed with the applicants abilities.  Its possible the boss is saying “Holy Shit” in a way that denouts his unimpressed-ness (lol) with the applicant.  if thats the case its a great tweet.  I just don’t know,  its all  in how you look at it.  its like an animorph of tweets.

Oy Vey.  what a stinker.  Like,  its funny,  but its more just bad,  i think people are faving it just because it has Dubstep4dad’s name attached to it,  Like if I tweeted this tweet on a small account nobody would favourite it.  Where as almost anything else on his favstar would get huge if a smaller account tweeted it first. its so bad its good,  all that said.  Eric doesn’t really care much for my opinion,  so i’m sure he’s not phased by it at all,  he’s making that sweet sweet twitter cash.  (lol)

I love this tweet,  its not graphic or full of violence,   but it implies so much.  I don’t know how someone even begins to get on Eric’s level.  he’s unstopable

I can’t beleive this.  Some teacher out there was either really wasted when she wrote this or is planning to sub-conciously take over the world.  either way its hillarious and deserves twice the attention its gotten.  it makes me uncomfertable

hillarity insues

Lets all release a collective , “Awww” for Dubstep4Dads.  ready 1, 2, 3 Assssss  oops 😉

Isn’t there a better way!?  I love this tweet so much.  I’m gonna write something similar sometime soon,  i just know it .  its one of those tweets that gets stuck in your minds eye and you can’t get rid of it no matter how many baths you take.

How to tell your doctor is really just a homeless man.  I’m laughing on the inside,  you just cant tell,  i swear.

This tweet is so brilliant.  it won a trophy from the istentiable Mike “stinky beef” Bianchi and it totally deserves more.  I love the use of the F– word in this tweet.  Its totally not nessisary but it makes the tweet so much better because we’re talking about sex after all.  There shouldn’t be frogs in the sex science lab!  thats one messed up frog if you ask me!

This tweet is one of those ones that I feel like Eric wrote all except for the last line, and spent like 20 minutes trying to come up with the last line.  I could be wrong,  but it seems that way to me for whatever reason.  Fun Fact,  thats one day off from my birthday!  Finally,

Excellence in tweeting.  I can’t imagine a better way to end this edition of Josh Reviews your Best Tweets.  I’m almost ready to throw in the towel and say everything good has already been tweeted with content like this.  Its eliquent,  timely, and most of all it makes me laugh.  Its also kinda edgy,  it shows grace and poise.

And thats it for now folks!  This edition has been brought to you by the kindness of Eric,  If you’ve read this far,  why not send him an @ reply thanking him for allowing me to do this.  I feel honoured,  and I had a blast doing it.  Thank you so much for reading,  I hope you were entertained!

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