Josh Review’s Your best tweets: Heck Yeah Edition

Welcome to the very first edition of:  Josh reviews your best tweets,  a brand new series where I take a look at your most popular tweets and add my thoughts.   DISCLAIMER  these tweets do not belong to me,  they belong to their writers,  i simply am promoting them and adding my thoughts as commentary.  Now that we’ve got through the boring stuff lets get down to the jokes shall we.

Rebecca is one of my favourite tweeters for her ability to get her point across without adding so much detail that she boggs down the tweet.  This is very important in a medium that requires you to constraint your character count.  I consider her a friend,  even tho we’ve only had a handful of brief conversations.  Which i think is a true testament to her writing style.  She’s extremely inclusive,  and treats her readers with respect,  and does so with grace and poise.

I’m going to say this about all of the tweets in this article but this tweet is excelent.  The way it uses a common phrase that you’ve likely heard all throughout your childhood is genius,  with the twist at the end that reminds you that the world is a terrifying place.  And thats all there is too it!  no hashtag or external link,  just an honest to goodness tweet.  Ahhhhhhhh,  thats the stuff.  NEXT!

An excelent tweet.   Honestly this one took me a minute to understand,  maybe just because my phone was buzzing as I read it,  but none the less i think this tweet shows us that bec can take the perspective of anything to make us laugh.  I’m honestly not familiar with the alligory,  so I’m gonna google it.

OKAY SO!  I googled it and I’m still not at all sure what it means.  I’m dumb lol.  it has to do with light,  and being trapped in one perspective,  but i’m still not totally sure.  its a very smart joke,  and I like to beleive that everyone who ReTweeted it understands it but I’m starting to doubt it with how much trouble I’m having understanding it.  Its probably less complex than im making it,

It is quite deep how the alligory has to do with perspective and she used a cat’s perspective.  Deep.

See this is why we’re all here.  This right here.  Its nice to see someone finally say what we’re all thinking.

I feel like this one is part of something larger,  or could be.  I’d love to see it become a whole story,  but as it is its a excellent tweet.  Its ridiculous,  and I like that in a tweet.  If every tweet was like this it would still be a great site.

I love when tweets date themselves like this.  Its 2015 at the time of this reveiw and it makes it even funnier that way, I think.   Plus its a forward thinking,  beast of a tweet and I love it,  this tweet and I are gonna go have babies and live in an Italian villa far from all worries.  its gonna be great 🙂

Great tweet!  What the fuck is even Canada.  God isnt bound by space or time so it almost makes sense in a way!  Like it could be Cannon.  Plus we’ve got God using his sons name in vein… MUAH!  There is literally nothing I would add or subtract to this tweet.  its just so *clenches fist* Good.

Dem feels.  I feel dem.  I get’chu beck I get’chu.  One time I didn’t leave my couch during highschool for 3 days.  true story.  my teachers were very upset but I had friends over so it was cool,  i was socializing.

Sometimes?  More like most of the time,  or all the time.  I never wanna go to work.  I just wanna bang on my guitar all day and night,  but the neighbours probably wouldn’t like it very much if i kept them awake so I don’t.  this tweet is excellent!  (side note if anyone needs any organs I’ve got a full set and I probably don’t need ALL of it… DM ME)

Good tweet.

Good tweet

Good tweet

This tweet confuses me,  not for its content but for its popularity.  its not an obvious joke,  it doesn’t pertain to any typical formats or themes or sculptures,  it simply is an impressivly popular tweet among a large group of people that all came together to say,  “good job Bec”  and i don’t think its a bad tweet at all!  I’m very impressed at the writing style,  and its formation.  It takes skill to tweet such a tweet.  Overall, I laughed when i read it,  and isnt that all that matters?

Good tweet, i could see this tweet being perfect for someone to reply to,  expanding on the idea,  you know what,  while we’re at it…  Gimmie a sec here…

There.  Perfect.

A refrence to a book maybe?  Or something like that?  Either way I’m totally confused and loving it,  its so ridiculous!  Why!?  Rebecca’s totally gonna read this reveiw and explain it to me but for now it remains a mystery,  and an enigma.  in a good way.  Excellent tweet none the less

I feel dem feels.

THIS!  THIS IS MY EVERYDAY!  HOW DID SHE DO IT?  HOW DID SHE ENCOMPASS EVERYTHING I DO ALL DAY INTO ONE TWEET SO ELEQUINTLY?  we may never know.  She probably had to interrogate tens of people to get deep down to what they really felt about life.  Or she’s just super smart and experienced.  that might be it too. 🙂

And thats Page one!  thats as far as I’m going to go for now,  but Tweet at me if you enjoyed this and you want me to review your most popular tweets!  Thanks so much for reading!

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