Josh Reveiws your best tweets: Unburden Unbound Edition

Welcome!  I’m so glad you made it.  We’re in for a treat today,  one of my oldest pals on this website,  @Unbub_ has allowed me to run his tweets through the gauntlet.  So lets get started.  DISCLAIMER i don’t own these tweets,  they belong to the writer,  But you already knew that because you’ve read these before, and you’re a smart cookie.

I love this tweet.  Lots of people do,  so thats not saying much,  but it would be a shame not to say it.  I like how its a really good play on words,  but i especially like the ending,  one of my favourite ways to end a tweet actually.  This is one of those tweets where it proves 140 characters is really all you need.

Huzza!  an excellent tweet!  it seems like it was written for that last line,  it so perfectly fits.  I geuss thats like,  the definition of a joke,  but Whatevs its true.  I never claimed to be prolific.  Now I wish this actually happened tho.  so maybe its bad.  bad for making reality that much more boring.  Unbub how could you?  Life was plain enough as it was!

Party at UnBub’s place!  Your cousin that was really into computers as a kid is the only one you know who’s invited.

This tweet holds a special place in my heart,  i think about it everytime I see one of those formatted jokes about fishing.  It deserves to be yelled from the rooftops.

Such inuendo,  Many implied.  The best part about this tweet is there are so many other things he could be remembering about earth, and yet he remembers jack’n off.  Genius.  I’d probably think the same thing tbqh

When i read the first half of this tweet I was genuinly like,  “Why does it matter if he uploads it to twitter”  and then I knew,  then i knew all too well.  Impeccable.  The format here is what i like to call,  “Tweets you never see but expect to see all the time”

Great tweet!  it reminds me of a fight i had with someone else but its so wacky to be having it with the police!


Another Original by UnBub.  Very Creative and takes a moment for you to realize what it actually means.

its rare to see such a short tweet on someones favstar this high up,  Its just true.  And this tweet is not only rare,  but hillarious.  such a deep cut burn on a really old guy,  its really clever.

Its not often, but sometimes I don’t RT or even Fav things just so i can RT it later,  this is one of those tweets,  I assume the time will present itself and it will be glorious when it finally happens,  but for now,  I wait.  Don’t misunderstand me,  the tweet is amazing,  I’m very excited to be able to RT it someday.

OKay i have to admit, it is kinda sucky humour.  Just kidding I can’t even joke its really funny.  I’m so glad this was written,

There are so many more great tweets by unbub,  i could reveiw them all but I honestly dont think you guys could handle me saying, “GREAT TWEET”  for like 80 more tweets.   thats the only reason I’m stopping because i’m honestly having so much fun doing this.  Remember to tip your weightors have a great night.

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