Josh Reveiws Your Best Tweets: BatKaren Edition

Welcome!  You’ve entered into the coolest spot on the internet,  other than videos of adults high on dentist drugs,  those are pretty unbeatable.  This is the series where I,  Joshwa, review your best tweets.  Today we have none other than the instantiable BatKaren!  She’s come into the scene like a racoon riding a crocodile,  and I’m super happy to have her permission to run her tweets through my commentaries eye. Please give her a warm welcome,  and Fav and RT!  thats what they’re there for!  Disclaimer:  I don’t claim to own these tweets,  they belong solely to Karen,  and is used with her permission.  Now lets get to the jokes!

This tweet is Karen’s most popular,  and for good reason.  It reminds the reader how small we all are,  and I think its one of those tweets that you Have to have on your twitter at some point.  Its just so good.  Its written down to a science.  I just wish you could tweet more than 140 characters to expand upon the idea, but the point gets across.  The character could’ve said any number of things,  but the choice to make them say, “Look at me”  is very important and i think says a lot about Karen.  It pokes fun at the human desire for attention and is one of the most successful tweets I’ve seen at doing so,  which,  on such a website,  is hilarious and has a tinge of perfect irony.

Once it has been seen it cannot be unseen.  This tweet shows the reader that anywhere can be funny,  even the monotony of the train has an avenue for comedy.  This shows that Karen is always on her feet,  ready for any opportunity to share a joke and make people smile.  An attribute I admire greatly.  Most treat the train as a place where they need to keep their head down and get to where they need to go.

Great tweet.  I once spent 2 months in a housekeeping facility where we had to fold sheets and I was so bad they deemed me “unteachable”  and made me wash all the toilets instead.  It was actually kinda fun,  and not because i’m some sort of creep that likes washrooms,  but because I was apart of a team.  I kinda miss it some days,  maybe I should go back,  or maybe i should keep reviewing tweets,  which is what i should be doing now.  This tweet uses hyperbole perfectly.  there is nothing that I would add or subtract from it.  🙂

I’m just gonna leave this one here because it deserves to be included but I dont have much of anything to say about it other than its good and not bad.  It makes people laugh.  its very good.

A great tweet!  I’ve had to utter these words about people I’ve met many times

BUT I DONT WANNA EAT MY BROCCOLI!  a great excuse,  i wish i was this creative when i was a kid trying to ovoid being healthy.  I wouldn’t have been able to get away with not eating them,  but atleast my parents would’ve had an early indicator as to how weird I was.

And all the fans go wild!  They all do the wave!  They RT as fast as they can!  All the fans friends fav it too!  Wahoo!

All the atrocities,  war,  murder,  rape, abuse.  its no wonder the aliens don’t want to visit.  Great tweet.  I wish the world was a better place.  I really do.  The beggining of this tweet is a tad confusing?  Like it seems like there should’ve been a sentence before it,  but thats just me being HYPER critical,  and i feel like it deserves to be said.  But that said there’s only 140 characters at your disposal,  so everything can’t be perfect.  Anyways,

Horny Grandma makes a suprise appearence in the favstar.  I love how this tweet smashes your expectations,  and leaves them lying on the cold hard ground.

this tweet perplexes me,  maybe it was apart of something bigger?  Im not sure.  either way,  as a stand alone tweet I find it without punchline and kinda falls flat.  But that said it’s been given TOTD awards from some people who’s opinion i greatly respect,  so I’m stuck inbetween a rock and a hard place.  Its a good tweet,  but just not as great as i’ve come to expect with Karen’s work.  They can’t all be winners!  or so the saying goes.

Great tweet!  I’ve not seen anything like it before and thats saying a lot because I see A LOT of tweets.

This tweet is likely really funny to someone who knows what she’s talking about.  Its a great tweet,  I just have no idea who the charaters are!  I wish i did!  As a stand-alone tweet it could be better honestly.  The reader isnt given Jon’s reaction,  which i think would take this from being a good tweet, to a Great tweet.  But!  It has a bucket load of fav’s and RT’s so what do i know.

This tweet is amazing.  I’m honestly reeling.  There’s no better way to tell someone you love about that one time in college.

Reminds me of that old joke where the guy takes the two breads and makes them dance on forks.  Hillarious stuff.  its really hard to be cynical about these tweets,  they’re all so great.

this tweet is 12 days old,  its amazing,  AND critically acclaimed.  I’m really impressed with how well its doing,  and for good reason.  it paints one of the funniest mental images on the entire site.  I wouldn’t be suprized if this became one of her most popular tweets,  i mean it is,  but like,  even more popular.

I’m not worthy to review such a good tweet!  It takes the popular troupe and makes it hillarious.  Karen is really really smart,  and this tweet is just a drop in the bucket of proof as to why,  but it still deserves to be said.  It’s one of those tweets that could be written by anyone, but takes someone with true dedication to acutally pen.

The first thing I think of when I read this tweet is that its an OKay tweet.  I honestly don’t think its great,  but many other people do,  so maybe i’m just out of touch.  It makes me question this whole process in the first place, if I dont think its that great maybe I should re-consider even writing reveiws in the first place!  IDK,  for now I’ll continue because I’m having a blast.

Another relatively new tweet thats doing really well and for good reason.  I like how it encompasses the entire movie,  often jokes of this format make the mistake of leaving out giant chunks of the content they claim to encompass. It speaks for itself in a really great way and i love it.

Well!  Thats BatKaren’s Best tweets!  I hope you enjoyed them,  i know i sure did!  Please come back again where I’ll be reviewing somebody else’s tweets!  Thanks so much for reading!

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