The Lesson we should’ve learned from the writers strike

If you think back to the time when human first existed you saw community wide support of eachother,  work directly resulted in reward,  human could go get water and have a 1:1 return on their physical investment.  All day they could be using that water to the community.

Nowadays we see twice as much work showing half the reward,  and it really sucks,  and it means stuff is  really hard to get done,  and the roads stay at a generally high level of maintainance maintinaince maintainous but nobody’s building a rocketship anytime soon and flying to the nearest space station from their backyard.  which i understand now dates this textpost and if you’re now reading past the time of space exploration I applaud your ability to find such a document,  it really must’ve taken alot of searching to find this,  or maybe you came upon it by accident,  in which case Congratulations,  this is such great news.

However you got here, the writers strike caused a rift in the way we think about content,  we were no longer told by the smartest people in america how to talk to a camera,  and it then became apparent that somehow people were going to have to band together to help keep their shows on the air,  which meant for hundreds of shows with hundreds of volunteer writers,  not affilated with any writing guild.  They all took turns during the day deciding what would make it onto television that night and then the magic of television was on and their content was making it on the show,  everything from Talk shows to Cooking,  Mysteries and Health shows,  even the numbers for the lotto.

We learned how to use community in a 1:1 work/benefit scale,  over hundreds of networks,

Now,  the writers are back and they love their postion,  but the people who’s work was used is now not considered valuable or important,  the time they now spend waiting for another opprotunity to show their intellegince.  They make it in small ways with their peers,  jiving eachother on to continue making great content for few to see

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