Yesterday Today Tommorow March 15th

Yesterday I got the Chemistry homework done I said I wanted to

Today I went for a couple walks,  played video-games and listened to records for too many hours.  There used to be a time in my life when I thought any day I might wake up with hundreds of  thousands of twitter followers.  I’m glad those days of paranoia and ultimetly fear are over,  Having to watch every word you say online to make sure it can’t be construned and twisted to make you look bad is really hard,  and while I’ve kept up that same level of editing through my work I feel much more at-ease with anything happening, Even people unfollowing which used to be gut-wrenching for me

Tomorrow I’m gonna play music more.  I’ve only played like 2 hours this week and thats really low for me so I gotta step up my game a little bit

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