Yesterday Today Tommorow March 14th

Yesterday I announced the winners for the adorable contest,  and I announced prizes for the winners which they should be receiving in a few weeks.  It’ll be exciting to package those and send them off to smart,  friendly writers.  My mom said she wanted to enter a tweet in the contest.  Maybe next week.

Today I’ve just been playing my 3ds , guitar and procrastinating on my Chemistry homework. A typical day.  I messaged people on facebook to see if they wanted to do anything but everyone was busy.  I’m writing this earlier than i usually do so that I can write, “I’m gonna get some chemistry homework done tonight” and maybe because I wrote it it’ll actually happen.  I also had a lot of activity on my twitter account today,  Sumall says I’ve got  292K retweet reach today alone!

Tommorow will be the last day with the family around the house for awhile.  It’ll be nice to have them gone so I can practice my guitar as loud as i want as late as is reasonable but it’ll be new to have to make meals for myself,  i might forget to eat till like 8,  we’ll see.  Hopefully I’ll have a good day tommorow too.  I’m on a bit of an up-swing and I hope it continues.

3 thoughts on “Yesterday Today Tommorow March 14th

    1. she reads my tweets, atleast she used to, so she’s seen a fair share of twitter, but i doubt she would ever want to write any tweets herself. maybe one day way in the future


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